Virtual Samples Let You See Your
Finished Promotional Product BEFORE You Order It!

Through our innovative virtual sampling system, you can choose products, colors, and logos. Then, in just a few seconds, you can view a complete, customized virtual sample (even one bearing your company logo). It's a quick, easy, and fun way to see exactly what your promotional product will look like when your order is filled.
  • Click the image of a sample promotional product below.
  • Select the color of your promotional product (if applicable).
  • Choose from thousands of logos to view by clicking the 1st letter of the company whose logo you'd like to see on the promotional product.
  • Click the company name from the drop down menu OR
  • Upload your own company logo!
  • Select the color for the logo.
  • Rather have a message instead of a logo? No problem! Just enter the text message you would like to see in the space provided.
  • Click the "Make Sample" button.
That's it! In just a few seconds, a virtual sample of the promotional product you chose will be displayed on your screen. You are welcome to print your sample and show it to others if you'd like. There's no limit to the number of virtual samples you can create. To get started, select a sample item from the images below.

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